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How to find out the ring size: TOP 3 easiest ways at home

How to find out the ring size: TOP 3 easiest ways at home

10 September, 2023

How to measure the ring size?

Undoubtedly, the easiest way to determine the size of a finger for a ring is to go to the appropriate jewelry store. But not everything is so simple. Often rings are ordered online or it is planned to be presented as a present or even a surprise. What should I do in this situation? Then our article will come to the rescue, where the simplest and most effective ways are described in detail.

No. 1: Measuring the size of the available decoration

If you have an old ring, then put it on a piece of paper. Take a pencil and draw a circle as close to the rim as possible from inside the decoration. Then remove the ring and measure the diameter of the drawn circle.

Keep in mind that the ring size in cm is not specified. In order to choose the decoration as clearly as possible, the size grid is presented in millimeters in increments of 0.5. As a rule, standard sizes start from 16 and beyond, but there are also 15.5.

No. 2: Sizing with a thread and ruler

One of the simplest and most popular ways to measure the size of a finger for a ring at home is to use a thread. In this situation, it is best to take a nylon thread or a sewing centimeter – the material should not be elastic. It needs to be wrapped around your finger, without pressing too hard and without dragging, marking the intersection point. After that, it is also worth checking whether the finger joint can pass into the resulting ring.

After that, the expanded thread with the marked intersection point should be attached to the ruler. Measure the resulting length, this should be done with an accuracy of half a millimeter. The resulting result is the circumference of the finger. To find out the exact size, you need to divide the circumference by 3.14.

No. 3: How to determine the size of a ring for a proposal to a girl

No less difficult is the question of how to find out the size of a ring on a girl's finger if a man wants to surprise her or make an offer. In this situation, it will be somewhat more difficult. If a girl already wears her ring on her ring finger, then you can take it and imperceptibly do the same actions with it as indicated in the first method.

Alternatively, you can pull the ring on your finger, after which you can take a photo or mark with a pen to which place it fits. Then you need to show it to the consultant.

If the girl does not wear a ring on her ring finger, then the size can be found out by trick. Enlist the support of a friend, sister or mom. Women are quite inventive in this sense. For example, a friend can invite the future bride to a jewelry store and offer her to try on rings too, just "for company" or use other options to find out the size.

Jeweler's recommendations

When determining the size, you should also definitely pay attention to the fact that the larger the width of the jewelry on the finger, the more tightly it will fit to the finger. Therefore, if, for example, the size of your finger is exactly 17, then an engagement ring with a rim width of 3-4 mm is perfect, while an ornament with a splint width of 6-7 mm will not fit.

Also keep in mind that manufacturers may allow a small error in the size of the rings. For example, the declared size of the decoration 16 may actually be 16.2 or 16.3. It may even be in the same model.

At what time is it best to measure the size

In the question of how to measure the size of a finger, not only the method itself is important, but also the time of day when it is done. High ambient temperature and active work leads to the fact that the fingers begin to swell. Therefore, their size may increase. At the same time, in the cold, the size of the fingers decreases.

Before measurements, it is best not to give a heavy load on your hands for a while. It is also worth giving up drinking a large volume of liquid, not going to the sauna, not doing physical training.

It is best to measure the size of your finger at lunchtime. The main rule is that the ring should be easily put on the finger, firmly sitting on it and not slipping off.

10 September, 2023
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