'Tribal' Bracelet

Product Code: Б3
Availability: 7-10 Days

Material: sterling silver, rhodium plating


Size: height – 3.5 cm,


Weight: 16 g

Note: for a thin wrist (if your wrist circumference is more than 20 cm, please mention this in the comments to your order)

A fashionable and elegant bracelet designed in a 'tribal tattoo' style. Well-balanced smooth silver wave gently wraps around your wrist. Magnetic airy lines twist and weave creating a simple but nice and memorable pattern. This shiny accessory is a perfect mix of transparency, lightness, elegancy and harmony.
The bracelet is not only a beautiful and exquisite accessory that you can wear for any occasion. Its design and form allow you to match it with any outfit at any season. Besides, the bracelet perfectly fits the wrist highlighting natural curves of the arm and beauty of the body.

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