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"Spheres" Ring
"Spheres" Ring
"Spheres" Ring
"Spheres" Ring
"Spheres" Ring
"Spheres" Ring
"Spheres" Ring
"Spheres" Ring
"Spheres" Ring
"Spheres" Ring
"Spheres" Ring
"Spheres" Ring
"Spheres" Ring
"Spheres" Ring
"Spheres" Ring
"Spheres" Ring
Product Code: Ок13

"Spheres" Ring

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Material: sterling silver, rhodium plating


Size: Adjustable


Weight: 4.4 g


A simple but interesting ring. The main idea of this delicate and elegant piece is a combination of two balls of different sizes. As the ring is open on the front side, despite its minimalistic design it always attracts attention. Due to its form you can wear this ring on any finger that makes it even more unusual and attractive. Our 'Balls' ring can become you every-day accessory and a perfect match for your other jewelry. But being so versatile and unconventional, it can also be a main accent of you look. This ring is a great choice for those who love unusual, unique and laconic jewelry.

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