Deers' Earrings

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Material: 925 ' silver, ceramic enamel, rhodium plating.

Size: circle diameter 2.4 cm, height 4.2 cm

Weight: 12 g

These earrings will add a bit of mysterious northern cold to your look.
Bright blue enamel, which is the basis and background of earrings, is mixed in harmony with
the silver composition of the silhouettes of the reindeer, in perfect harmony with the small
space decoration.
Silhouettes of animals, antlers of the leader of the pack, tranquility, serenity are combined
with strength and tension. So many feelings and intonations are conveyed by the designer on this
small space of earrings!
Despite them seeming to have "winter" and "Northern" associations, this decoration will be
appropriate at any time of the year and is suitable for almost any outfit!
Earrings of enchanting beauty

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