'Snake' Earrings Babylon

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Material: sterling silver, gold, ceramic enamel, agate stone, rhodium plating

Size: height  6 cm, top width – 3 cm

Weight: 12 g (silver - 11g, gold - 1 g)

Note: Comfortable clip-like locks with a stud and a golden spring make the earrings easy to wear despite of their size.


Stylish, bold, and, at the same time, elegant. These earrings is a concentration of energy and power. Being a bit raised, they imitate a blade. While a cobra's 'hood' perfectly hides the earlobe, creating a unified image of an ear and an earring. The blade-like tail is connected to the base with a big agate cabochon in its center using a small joint which makes it more mobile, light and independent.

So these earrings can really make you independent and brave.

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