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'Birds' Earrings Gold
'Birds' Earrings Gold
'Birds' Earrings Gold
'Birds' Earrings Gold
'Birds' Earrings Gold
'Birds' Earrings Gold
'Birds' Earrings Gold
'Birds' Earrings Gold
Product Code: Г010

'Birds' Earrings Gold

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Material: white gold

Size: height – 1 cm, width – 1.2 cm


Weight: 2,6 g

Note: Screw back.

Delicate piece of jewelry inspired by nature. Pure lines and simple design. But the set is filled with such feelings, tenderness and love! And it's all in one centimeter of the piece. It would be fair to say that the amount of love on a square centimeter of these earrings is literally off scale.

Everyone will find something personal here, but we believe that the life itself is expressed in these earrings. Asymmetric forms only emphasize the style and exquisiteness of the set (and the owner).

Being so light, simple and made of silver, these earrings will perfectly suit any minimalistic look.



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