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'Twig' Gold Earrings
'Twig' Gold Earrings
'Twig' Gold Earrings
'Twig' Gold Earrings
'Twig' Gold Earrings
'Twig' Gold Earrings
'Twig' Gold Earrings
'Twig' Gold Earrings
Product Code: Г07

'Twig' Gold Earrings

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Material: white gold 585
Size: length – 2.5 cm
Weight: 2,5 g
Note: Placed along the ear rim. Silicon locks. During the first try should be fitted to the earlobe form. Every woman has a piece of jewelry that she wears almost day and night. Our 'Twig' earrings can become such a piece for you. They are versatile. But, at the same time, they have a zest – the earrings were designed so that you could wear them along the ear. In this case from some distance they look like ear cuffs. Also their stalks can be turned downwards. Moreover, you can make them look asymmetrical using both wearing options simultaneously. So in one moment a pair of earrings turns into three different, but so interesting variants.
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