Water Lily' Earrings

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Material: sterling silver, natural stones, rhodium plating


Size: Lily's size 0,5 cm, diametr of earring 2,5cm


Weight: 4 g

Delicate and lightweight earrings in the form of an elegant water flower. The source of inspiration and prototypes for this accessory were tender water lilies and pure silver moonlight. There is a secret inside of our flowers: the heart of each lily is a small but really beautiful cabochon of rock crystal or rose quartz. Like a mysterious guest from the moon, it discloses its presence at the last moment, and makes these earrings truly unique.

One more peculiar feature of this accessory is that the water lilies slide along the moon arc freely adding some life to the earrings. Moving slightly with your steps, our water lily with a smoky stone inside will be whispering only nice and soothing tunes to your ear.

These universal earrings will go well with any outfit — from jeans to a cocktail dress. They can help you in any situation and will look appropriate in any place.

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