Earrings "Owl Gold"

Product Code: Г50
Availability: 3-5 Days
Material: gold 750, topaz stone
Weight: 6,5 g
Note: The head is placed in front of the earlobe, while the body is locked behind it with a screw

Original, amusing and lovely earrings. Unconventional solution of wearing them on an earlobe makes this accessory conceptual and unusual. Big bottomless eyes of the Owls made of enamel are full of wisdom and understanding. Cute bellies of the birds harmoniously complement their heads. Altogether it is a vivid and memorable image that won't leave anyone indifferent.

The earrings are very comfortable to wear. Despite their a bit 'playful' appearance, this accessory goes well with different styles and outfits due to its thoroughly chosen shape that makes it look elegant and complete.

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