'Dragonfly' Ring Babylon

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Material: sterling silver, ceramic enamel, agate stone, rhodium plating

Size: height  3 sm, width – 4.4 sm

Weight: 10.5 g


This ring is for the brave. For those who like to experiment with their image. It throws down a challenge, and you are ready to take it.

Long dragonfly 'wings' covered with blue ceramic enamel elegantly complete the lines of your hand. The base is made of two silver rings which make the piece very easy to fit and comfortable to wear.

A huge dragonfly 'eye' represented with a black agate cabochon draws attention.

And this piece of jewelry, as well as its hostess, will definitely attract lots of attention.

The ring can be worn as the only and self-sufficient accessory with any outfit, but it also goes well with all the pieces from 'Babylon' and our other collections.

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