'Toothy' Ring

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Material: sterling silver, rhodium plating

Size: width – 1.1 cm


Weight: 12-15 g

One more funny creature that looks a bit like 'Critters' form a famous scary movie. It has teeth and looks a little bloodthirsty, but inside its heart our Toothy is a nice and kind, 'cute and cuddly' beast. The ring is two-sided, on the one side there's a round-eyed monster with ears, and on the other it's earless.

It's a truly universal ring. Not very wide, it looks great on fingers of every length, and its convex forms feel unforgettably comfortable on your hand. Original design of the ring will suit almost any outfit: form office suit to cocktail dress. Moreover, this 'characteristic' ring can easily become you personal charm.

A ring of a bigger size will look cool on a male hand.



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