"Sprout" Ring

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Material: sterling silver, rhodium plating


Size: 17±2 (if your size is smaller than 15.5 or larger than 18.5, mention this in your order)


Weight: 8 g



An open airy ring with two enamel circles on its ends. Positioned diagonally – the bigger above the smaller – these circles symbolize the infinity of space and time. The ring seems to hover above the hand. But no matter how lightweight it looks, it's very firm and resistant to bending due to its unusual design.

It's an open ring, but it's still very comfortable to wear. Besides, it has an advantage – the ring can suit several sizes (±1 size) so you can wear it on different fingers.

Feel the infinity of nature by wearing our 'Sprout' ring.

It goes perfectly with 'Sprout' earrings.

And a range of enamel colors allows you to make it truly unique.


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