'Infusoria' Ring

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Material: sterling silver, enamel
Size: high 1,6cm
Weight: 9 g
This ring is a quintessence of Space, it's your personal Universe. Planets, stars, orbits and black holes. Everyone will find here something special – original and mysterious. All planets and stars, as well as the black space, are made using the cutting edge photo enamel technique. Silver orbits on the dark background – what can be more fascinating? But that's not all. For all fashionable and creative individuals we have developed an original form of the ring. It's wide enough to embed the whole Universe image, but gets thinner on the back to feel more comfortable. And an ellipse formed by the ring and a silver bow creates an illusion of involvement in the Cosmos creation.This ring is designed to be your own Universe.


About product
Color Синий, черный, салатовый, розовый, белый
Size в среднем 1,5см в высоту, размер кольца на заказ можно сделать любой (20дн)
Material Серебро, горячя эмаль
Insert горячя эмаль
Weight (gram) 9

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