'Swing' Earrings Babylon

Product Code: Г21
Availability: 7-10 Days

Material: sterling silver, ceramic enamel, agate stone, rhodium plating

Size: height – 5 sm, 'wings' width – 2.2 sm

Weight: 9 g

Note: Stud-screw lock. Joint earring elements.


Fabulous earrings with awesome structure. They are airy and gracious. The elements are attached to each other with small 'joints' which makes them look extremely lightweight. Be it a wind blow, an easy nod of your head or a happy laughter — these exquisite earrings will sway in time with your movements like very light swings. Simple and attractive.

Very decent symmetrical ornament, pure colors and a big black agate cabochon together with airy structure of these earrings make them virtually irreplaceable.

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