'Bird' Pendant Babylon

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Material: sterling silver, ceramic enamel, agate stone, rhodium plating, leather

Size: height  3 sm, width – 4 sm, string length – 41 sm + extension chain

Weight: 8.5 g

Note: A lower triangle is attached with a mobile joint.


Have you seen a bird hovering inside the airstream high above the ground? When it completely resigns itself to the element spreading its wings to the full? This pendant is a symbol of such a bird that aims only high and above.

Blue and black contrast. Pure 'celestial' colors of ceramic enamel together with a pitch-black agate cabochon and a black leather string. Soft lines and elegant graphic design. This chic piece can be worn during any season — both with a low neck and over any garment.

You will not want to take the pendant off. The bird hovering to freedom on its wings can become your lucky charm.

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