'Striped Cat' Earrings

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Material: sterling silver, enamel, rhodium plating
Size: height – 3.5 cm, width – 1 cm
Weight: 7 g
Slightly sad, a bit sly, impossibly cute and round­eyedly handsome Striped Cat will be happy to meet his mistress.
The pecularity of the earrings is that they are different. The more cats – the better, of cause, but our Striped Cat is unique. He goes with a wonderful little fish. The cat and the fish are made in a 'hammering' technique. There are three wide stripes on the cat's belly. His eyes, tail and a fish eye are also covered with enamel.
You can choose the color combination for your cat:
white stripes + light blue eyes, or blue stripes + green eyes
Color combinations of the fish are similar to the cat's.
The earring is designed in such a way that the Striped Cat seems to hold onto the earlobe and hover in the air. If you want to brighten gray days with radiant smiles and positive emotions, take you friend – Striped Cat with it's pet, silver fish – with you.

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