Earrings "Bunnies"

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Material: sterling silver, enamel, rhodium plating


Size: height – 2.5 cm, width – 1 cm


Weight: 10 g

Note: The head is placed in front of the earlobe, while the body is locked behind it with a screw lock.


Peculiar stud earrings. Funny hunny bunnies. An intriguing idea and an original design. Bunnies are literally flying holding tight to the ear. One of them is upside down, and the other – with his ears upwards. Every detail is thought out carefully – belly, tail, paws, etc. And you can choose the color of the eyes: emerald green, light blue or aquamarine enamel. Rhodium plating will protect bunnies from darkening and scratches.

These earrings can be a perfect gift for a girl who likes unusual and creative jewelry.

Despite of the impressive weight, they are not felt in the ears because these are stud earrings that stick tight to the ear, and not a hanging pendulum pulling tender earlobes down.

There are also bunnies with a fluffy matt surface (see the 'Pets' section).

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