'Kitten' Earrings

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Material: sterling silver, enamel, rhodium plating
Size: height – 2.5 cm, width – 1 cm
Weight: 3,5 g
Note: The head is placed in front of the earlobe, while the body is locked behind it with a screw lock.
So cute little Kitten with deep sad eyes which size is a bit different. Our Kitten literally hovers in the air due to a special screw lock. Two earrings are not the same. The pair of the Kitten is his all-
time love – a little fish. Its eye has the same color as the kitten's, and they can be made either of light blue or emerald green enamel. These colors ideally match noble silver. These lightweight and sweet earrings will look great with any casual outfi attracting attention of the people around you.

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